Lesbians are stereotyped as couples who have less sex out of all couple pairings, and who are at risk of "lesbian bed death," which is a tragic way of saying - you stop having sex. As a relationship coach with a Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology (the study of sex), I know this is not true for everyone, and it certainly does not have to stay true for those wishing to rekindle the spark.

As an inspiradizer (I made that up, it means a merchandizer who seeks to inspire), I like to share information that can help lesbians experience more peace, love, and happiness in life and in relationships.

The surprising way to rekindle your spark is with surprise or the use of mystery. Relationships require a balance of predictability (enough to feel safe and generally know what to expect), but they also need a dose of surprise, novelty, and the unexpected (in a good way). When we experience something unexpected, we get a boost of dopamine which is helpful in the attraction and excitement department. 

Surprises intensify our emotion, demand our attention, and surprise fuels our curiosity. Surprise has a way of waking us up to possibilities, to literally shift our body chemistry, and to move us into a new place emotionally. Whoda thought that a simple surprise could pack such a wonderful feel-good punch?

So, surprise her. Create a mystery. Arrange a date without giving her the details. Cook a meal and have her eat it blindfolded. Take her somewhere she's never been. Or find her something unique, like our Love, Peace, Lesbians and Happiness Watch, that tells her that you love her.

Watches are a great way to remind someone you love that you love them all of the TIME. lesbian gift, romantic lesbian gift, unique gift for lesbian wife

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