Lesbian Roadshow Camper Mug - white

Lesbian Roadshow Camper Mug

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This campy little mug commemorates an evening of learning, laughing and lesbians.

Classic retro cup with enamel coating to be used outdoors. Not only cowboys will enjoy sipping a hot coffee or cool bourbon by the campfire. The mug has rolled rims made of stainless steel for added comfort and timeless style. Small irregularities round up this mug’s vintage look.
  • Made by BestSub
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Extremely durable
  • Material: Enamel, rim made of stainless steel
  • Lead & cadmium free (meets FDA requirements)
  • Fills 10oz
  • Imported, processed and printed in the U.S.A
Panoramic Camper Mug
normal fit
One Size 3.15 in 3.35 in