About Us

The Accidental Lesbian Gift Store

What started as a search for a way to print custom t-shirts for our lesbian couples retreats, turned into a lesbian gift store. Go figure, I know. Adventures in Love is now both a lesbian couples retreat experience AND a lesbian gift store. Our mission for the store is to-help lesbians turn "stuff" (material items) into opportunities to grow love, scatter love, and feel loved. 

More About Michele (left)

Michele O'Mara is a couples therapist. Really, she fancies herself more of a coach than. a "therapist," despite what her degrees and certifications might lead you to believe (LCSW, Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology, Imago Certified Therapist, Gottman Method Trained therapist, Certified Discernment Therapist, yadda yadda yadda... ). She's not a fan of labels, diagnoses, or how the mental health community focuses on problems and illness. Having practiced the Law of Attraction for the past decade plus, she is determined to help lesbian couples step into the most authentic and powerful parts of themselves and to discover new skills to create relationships that feel-good to both partners. Her philosophy is, everyone makes sense if you take the time to understand them.


More about Kristen (right)

Kristen O'Mara is a big ball of love, scattering her good energy wherever she goes. She has never met a stranger and she is gifted at seeing the best parts of who you are and helping you see them, too. After graduating with a degree in education, she brought her enthusiasm for life and learning to grade schoolers. As it turns out, Kristen soon discovered that instead of being confined to a classroom all day, it is a lot more fun to drive students to and from school. When the wheels on the bus aren't going round and round, she is either doing her monthly drill with the Army Reserves, or she uses her magical abilities to keep their sons, Mitch and Cam, in clean clothes, and their bellies full with delicious meals. She has a magical way of making a house always feel like a home and hearts always feeling full of love.